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2022-06-21 i3lock 2.14.1
• unlock indicator: display only caps lock and num lock,
not all modifiers like shift (which can leak information
about your password to bystanders)
2022-05-28 i3lock 2.14
• Change default background color to #a3a3a3
See for extensive
discussion and rationale for this change.
• Recommend using xss-lock to start i3lock in the README
and i3lock.1 man page. xss-lock is the best way to ensure
your screen truly is locked before your computer suspends.
• Display modifier key warning before unlocking, too,
not just on failed attempts like before.
• Switch build system from autotools to meson.
2020-10-27 i3lock 2.13
• Throw error when trying to start on Wayland
• Use explicit_bzero() where available, not just on OpenBSD
• avoid pixmap allocations in the redraw path
• make --debug output go to stderr
• unlock_indicator.c: fix build failure against gcc-10
• fix: call pam_end in cleanup in main, not in event loop
• set _NET_WM_BYPASS_COMPOSITOR hint to avoid flickering
2019-07-21 i3lock 2.12
• remove stray \n from error messages
• capitalize unlock indicator contents
• set WM_CLASS property
• reference modifier as “Super”, not “Win”
• add --raw option to read image as raw bytes
2018-10-18 i3lock 2.11.1
• Fix dist tarball by including I3LOCK_VERSION
2018-10-10 i3lock 2.11
• Switch to autotools
• Display an error when backspace is pressed without any input
• Print an error when a non-PNG file is opened
(i3lock only supports PNG files) (Thanks eplanet)
• Don’t unnecessarily check the xcb_connect return value,
it is known never to be NULL (Thanks SegFault42)
• Fix memory leak when grabbing fails (Thanks karulont)
• Respect Xft.dpi for determining the unlock indicator’s scale factor
• Discard pending password verification attempts
when a new password is entered (Thanks layus)
2017-11-25 i3lock 2.10
• Only use -lpam when not on OpenBSD (Thanks Kaashif)
• locale: treat empty string same as unset (Thanks Ran)
• Fix overwrite of getopt optind (Thanks jakob)
• Immediately hide the unlock indicator after ESC / C-u (Thanks Orestis)
• Measure wall-clock time instead of CPU time for “locking” indicator.
• SetInputFocus to the i3lock window to force-close context menus
• Use RandR for learning about attached monitors
2017-06-21 i3lock 2.9.1
• Fix version number mechanism (for --version)
• Revert the fix for composited notifications, as it causes more issues than
it solves:
2017-05-26 i3lock 2.9
• i3lock.1: use signal names without SIG prefix
• Removed obsolete inactivity timeout
• Added version files for release tarball.
• Set font face
• Automatically unlock (without having to press <Enter>) one attempt which was
entered while authenticating
• Stop leaking the image_path dup
• Displaying locking message when grabbing the pointer/keyboard
• Display error message when locking failed
• Add Enter on C-m
• Change input slices to be exactly pi/3 in size instead of slightly more
• Fix covering of composited notifications using the XComposite extension
• Remove last traces of DPMS
• Use bsd_auth(3) instead of PAM on OpenBSD
• Restore intended behaviour and don't use mlock(2) on OpenBSD.
2016-06-04 i3lock 2.8
• Remove DPMS support in favor of a wrapper script and xset(1).
• Indicate that the --inactivity-timeout option takes an argument. (Thanks
Kenneth Lyons)
• fix pam_securetty: set PAM_TTY to getenv("DISPLAY")
• Eat XKB_KEY_Delete and XKB_KEY_KP_Delete (Thanks bebehei)
• Show unlock indicator if password was entered during PAM verification
• Allow CTRL+J as enter and CTRL+H as backspace (Thanks Karl Tarbe)
• Flush xcb connection after opening fullscreen window (Thanks martin)
• Add support for `xss-lock --transfer-sleep-lock'
2015-05-20 i3lock 2.7
• Die when the X11 connection breaks during runtime (Thanks Eduan)
• Implement logging the number of failed attempts (Thanks koebi)
• Ignore password validation is pam is in wrong state (Thanks Neodyblue)
• Get current user with getpwuid() instead of using $ENV{USER} (Thanks Martin)
• Add support for Compose and dead-keys with libxkbcommon.
Requires libxkbcommon ≥ 0.5.0 (Thanks Daniel)
• Format the source using clang-format.
• Refresh pam credentials on successful authentication (for Kerberos and the
like) (Thanks James)
• List pressed modifiers on failed authentication (Thanks Deiz, Alexandre)
• Only redraw the screen if the unlock indicator is actually used
(Thanks Ingo)
• Make pkg-config configurable for cross-compilation (Thanks Nikolay)
2014-07-18 i3lock 2.6
• NEW DEPENDENCY: use libxkbcommon-x11 instead of libX11
This helps us get rid of all code that directly uses libX11
• Use cairo_status_to_string for descriptive errors.
• Add `-e` option to not validate empty password.
• Bugfix: update the initial keyboard modifier state (Thanks lee, Ran)
• Re-raise i3lock when obscured in a separate process
• Turn on the screen on successful authentication
• Delay to turn off the screen after wrong passwd
• Discard half-entered passwd after some inactivity
• Ignore empty passwd after repeated Enter keypress
• Scale the unlock indicator (for retina displays)
2013-06-09 i3lock 2.5
• NEW DEPENDENCY: Use libxkbcommon for input handling
This makes input handling much better for many edge cases.
• Bugfix: fix argument parsing on ARM (s/char/int/)
• Bugfix: free(reply) to avoid memory leak
• Bugfix: Use ev_loop_fork after fork, fixes forking on kqueue based OSes
• Bugfix: Fix centering the indicator in the no-xinerama case
• Only use mlock() on Linux, FreeBSD (for example) requires root
• promote the "could not load image" message from debug to normal
• s/pam_message/pam_response/ (Thanks Tucos)
• remove support for NOLIBCAIRO, cairo-xcb is widespread by now
• Allow XKB_KEY_XF86ScreenSaver as synonym for enter
This keysym is generated on convertible tablets by pressing a hardware
lock/unlock button.
• Allow passwordless PAM conversations (e.g. fingerprint)
• Add ctrl+u password reset
• Set window name to i3lock
2012-06-02 i3lock 2.4.1
• Bugfix: Correctly center unlock indicator after reconfiguring screens
(Thanks xeen)
• Bugfix: Revert shift lock handling (broke uppercase letters)
• Bugfix: Skip shift when getting the modifier mask (Thanks SardemFF7)
2012-04-01 i3lock 2.4
• Bugfix: Fix background color when using cairo (Thanks Pascal)
• Only output text when in debug mode (fixes problems with xautolock)
• fallback when the image cannot be loaded
• Use (void) instead of () for functions without args (Thanks fernandotcl)
2012-03-15 i3lock 2.3.1
• Fix compilation on some systems
2012-03-15 i3lock 2.3
• Implement a visual unlock indicator
• Support ISO_Level5_Shift and Caps Lock
• Lock the password buffer in memory, clear it in RAM after verifying
• Fork after the window is visible, not before
• Bugfix: Copy the color depth from parent (root) window instead of
hardcoding a depth of 24
2011-11-06 i3lock 2.2
• Don’t re-grab pointer/keyboard on MappingNotify. In some rare situations,
this lead to some keypresses "slipping through" to the last focused window.
• Correctly handle Mode_switch/ISO_Level3_Shift
• Render to a pixmap which is used as background for the window instead of
copying contents on every expose event
• Handle screen resolution changes while screen is locked
• Manpage: document arguments for every option
2011-05-13 i3lock 2.1
• Accept return/backspace when the buffer of 512 bytes is full
• Handle numpad keys correctly
• Handle MappingNotify events
• Correctly check for errors when connecting to X11
• Add i3lock.pam to not rely on debian’s /etc/pam.d/other anymore
• don’t display debug output
• add NOLIBCAIRO flag to permit compilation without cairo
2010-09-05 i3lock 2.0
• Complete rewrite of i3lock. Now using xcb instead of Xlib.
• When a window obscures i3lock, it pushes itself back to the top again.
• Display version when starting with -v
2009-08-02 i3lock 1.1
• Implement background pictures (-i) and colors (-c)
2009-05-10 i3lock 1.0
• Implement PAM support
• Implement options for forking, beeping, DPMS
2009-05-01 i3lock 0.9
• First release, forked from slock 0.9