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Simple Nixos MailServer

license pipeline status

Release branches

For each NixOS release, we publish a branch. You then have to use the SNM branch corresponding to your NixOS version.

Subscribe to SNM Announcement List This is a very low volume list where new releases of SNM are announced, so you can stay up to date with bug fixes and updates.



  • Continous Integration Testing
  • Multiple Domains
  • Postfix MTA
    • smtp on port 25
    • submission tls on port 465
    • submission starttls on port 587
    • lmtp with dovecot
  • Dovecot
    • maildir folders
    • imap with tls on port 993
    • pop3 with tls on port 995
    • imap with starttls on port 143
    • pop3 with starttls on port 110
  • Certificates
    • manual certificates
    • on the fly creation
    • Let's Encrypt
  • Spam Filtering
    • via rspamd
  • Virus Scanning
    • via clamav
  • DKIM Signing
    • via opendkim
  • User Management
    • declarative user management
    • declarative password management
  • Sieves
    • A simple standard script that moves spam
    • Allow user defined sieve scripts
    • ManageSieve support
  • User Aliases
    • Regular aliases
    • Catch all aliases

In the future

  • DKIM Signing
    • Allow a per domain selector

Get in touch

  • Subscribe to the mailing list
  • Join the Libera Chat IRC channel #nixos-mailserver

How to Set Up a 10/10 Mail Server Guide

Check out the Setup Guide in the project's documentation.

For a complete list of options, see in readthedocs.


See the How to Develop SNM documentation page.


See the contributor tab

Alternative Implementations