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  Stefan Ladwig 3069998c0f corrected some pasting 2 days ago
  Antoine Eiche 93330c5453 Move indexDir option to the mailserver scope 1 month ago
  Antoine Eiche 66e8baa6f2 Rework the setup guide 1 month ago
  Emmanouil Kampitakis d75614a653 Feature/configurable delimiter 3 weeks ago
  Matt Votava d0a2e74574 Use services.clamav.daemon.settings if it is available 3 weeks ago
  Antoine Eiche 06cf3557df Mention the Freenode IRC chan #nixos-mailserver 1 month ago
  Andreas Rammhold 7627c29268
Store FTS index in directory per domain & user to avoid collisions 1 month ago
  Guillaume Girol 49d65a4d05 add doc for full text search 1 month ago
  Symphorien Gibol 06b989c1e7 add full text search support 9 months ago
  Antoine Eiche 326766126c doc: minor improvments 2 months ago
  Antoine Eiche 548e6b5a04 doc: add a FAQ section 2 months ago
  Antoine Eiche 7e84fd4c93 doc: add a section howto 2 months ago
  Simon Žlender 0c4b9a8985 Make opening ports in the firewall optional 2 months ago
  Antoine Eiche 5f431207b3 postfix: forwarding emails of login accounts with keeping local copy 2 months ago
  Izorkin 17eec31cae rspamd: disable dkim signing 1 year ago
  Antoine Eiche ee3d38a157 Set mailserver.policydSPFExtraConfig in a debug module 3 months ago
  Naïm Favier ae89eafb81
add flake support 4 months ago
  Naïm Favier 7c06f610f1 Update systemd.nix 4 months ago
  Naïm Favier de84ba1aeb Do not hardcode paths to acme certificates 4 months ago
  Antoine Eiche bee80564d8 ci: simplify the hydra-cli call 4 months ago
  Antoine Eiche 4ce3e1bf4e readme: mention the unstable documentation 4 months ago
  Henri Menke 89bd89c706 Recommend bcrypt passwords everywhere 4 months ago
  Henri Menke c00fc587f5
Configurable sieve script directory 4 months ago
  Antoine Eiche ee1ad50830 Add 20.09 Hydra jobset and remove 19.09 4 months ago
  Antoine Eiche 7d2020cb36 Move clamav database to the blobs repository 5 months ago
  Antoine Eiche c04260cf5e Update nixpkgs-unstable 5 months ago
  Antoine Eiche 99f843de47 Release nixos-20.09 branch 6 months ago
  Antoine Eiche bb9fd8bc17 docs: add missing Sphinx Makefile:/ 5 months ago
  Antoine Eiche 843e66864f docs: no longer use tagged release but branch instead in docs 5 months ago
  Niklas Hambüchen eba19686fb setup-guide: Improve commands/outputs 5 months ago
  Antoine Eiche 4818b57a92 test.dovecot: ensure port 143 is closed when enableImap is not set 6 months ago
  Milan Pässler beba28ae14 add release notes for tls wrapped-mode changes 7 months ago
  Milan Pässler e272a2755b remove support for 20.03 7 months ago
  Milan Pässler cc526a2700 add full support for tls wrapped mode 9 months ago
  Antoine Eiche 823c26fa69 Update nixpkgs-unstable 6 months ago
  Antoine Eiche 9d7f02e67b Support sandboxed opendkim 6 months ago
  Antoine Eiche c813f1205f Add multiple.nix test 6 months ago
  Antoine Eiche 24600377af Add `forwards` option 6 months ago
  James ‘Twey’ Kay 5cd6f8e7b3 Add a separate sendingFqdn option 7 months ago
  Matt Votava 358cfcdfbe Declare default dovecot2 mailboxes as attrset for 20.09+ 7 months ago
  Matt Votava e2ed4541d4 remove deprecated types.loaOf 7 months ago
  Antoine Eiche 4008d0cb53 Move tests to the Python framework 8 months ago
  Xavier Vello 6ad2004ed1 Add rspamd documentation page 9 months ago
  Xavier Vello 45f80def41 Setup rspamd controller to serve web UI assets 9 months ago
  Antoine Eiche 31cf3818df readme: switch doc links from wiki to readthedocs 9 months ago
  Antoine Eiche 8db0e18438 docs: how to contribute to documentation 9 months ago
  Antoine Eiche 781073b64d docs: create a readthedocs manual 9 months ago
  Brian Olsen eb70dd1f55
Fix passwfile update 10 months ago
  Benjamin Asbach fb8886547b Enable dovecot option to prefer server ciphers 10 months ago
  Benjamin Asbach 9b98746515 Set TLSv1.2 as minimal TLS version for dovecot 10 months ago