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Andrew Dolgov 04c2fa9f15
Merge branch 'master' of
7 months ago
autoload.php * switch to composer for qrcode and otp dependencies 3 years ago
colors.php Fix calculating average color for *.ico 8 months ago
controls.php Address PHPStan warning in 'classes/pref/prefs.php'. 2 years ago
controls_compat.php Address PHPStan warnings in 'include/controls_compat.php'. 2 years ago
errorhandler.php Return true in custom error handler for proper suppression 12 months ago
functions.php require PHP to have support for flock() 7 months ago
login_form.php * add HOOK_LOGINFORM_ADDITIONAL_BUTTONS 1 year ago
sessions.php Address PHPStan warnings in 'include/sessions.php'. 2 years ago