646 Commits (master)

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  Gündüzhan Gündüz f05fc2d80f
po: tr translation fixes (#277) 3 weeks ago
  Gündüzhan Gündüz df7b92643e
Add turkish language translation (#275) 3 weeks ago
  Peter Hutterer 7141412d14 Fix a typo in the ErrorPerspective 3 weeks ago
  Peter Hutterer c59730cf1f Replace Circle Ci with github workflows 1 month ago
  Peter Hutterer 16b0f9d2d5 meson.build: fall back to flake8 where flake8-3 does not exist 1 month ago
  Peter Hutterer 8ab43bf0b7 meson.build: explicitly check for gettext to be present 1 month ago
  Peter Hutterer 643099b858 Fix flake8 errors - ambiguous variable name 'l' 1 month ago
  Peter Hutterer b54ac6e99e Fix flake8 errors - module import not at top of the file 1 month ago
  Peter Hutterer 27164aba52 Fix flake8 errors - f-string without placeholders 1 month ago
  albanobattistella 9d36e3bad0
Add Italian translation (#263) 5 months ago
  Peter Hutterer 4facceebc4 data: don't make the internal page0, page1 etc names translatable 6 months ago
  Peter Hutterer 4ce8d011d1 tuhi 0.5 6 months ago
  Peter Hutterer 9b4c0ca5ef Update the copyright year in the about dialog 6 months ago
  Peter Hutterer 02252b68b9 Update flatpak dependencies to latest versions 6 months ago
  Peter Hutterer eef877d6ce tuhi: use a Gtk.FileChooserNative dialog 6 months ago
  Peter Hutterer ea5177027c Update flatpak GNOME version to 3.36 6 months ago
  Peter Hutterer ba0424c6df gui: fix a flake8 complaint 6 months ago
  Peter Hutterer 59dfce5b8d gui: add an expanding label to the end, but don't expand flowboxes 6 months ago
  Peter Hutterer 29761204a9 gui: pack the flowboxes with pack_end 6 months ago
  Peter Hutterer 927fc0216b tuhi 0.4 7 months ago
  Taihsiang Ho (tai271828) 3c1a84e1ab protocol: rm unused class WacomPacket 10 months ago
  Robert Schütz 72d9dee37a live: keep $PATH and $DISPLAY 10 months ago
  Peter Hutterer 7a881de9bb test: switch the stroke tests to use pytest 1 year ago
  Peter Hutterer fcdacb7187 test: switch the message tests from unittest to pytest 1 year ago
  Peter Hutterer acc459f003 meson.build: check for 3.30 as minimum pygobject version 1 year ago
  Peter Hutterer 53e2cebaf8 protocol: fix a flake8 issue 1 year ago
  Peter Hutterer 785c1e5f58 test: append the required \0xa to the spark messages 1 year ago
  Niclas Hoyer f5ea08f171 Add support for long device names 1 year ago
  Niclas Hoyer a0566e0dc0 Workaround for Spark register problems 1 year ago
  Peter Hutterer 820f168f43 meson.build: drop python-devel dependency 1 year ago
  Peter Hutterer 110c77745c flatpak: allow access to $HOME 1 year ago
  Niclas Hoyer 67eb54c908 Add company ID for Augmented Paper 1 year ago
  Peter Hutterer 170b2c0d8a meson.build: add a custom message for the python3 dependency. 1 year ago
  Piotr Drąg a11d51c42c Update Polish translation 1 year ago
  Peter Hutterer f6fdf86649 meson.build: drop yaml from the required python module list 1 year ago
  Peter Hutterer d5cb1930e5 export: drop unused import 1 year ago
  Ishak BELAHMAR ddd896b1f6 tools: Add choices to fetch.format argument 1 year ago
  Ishak BELAHMAR ea1dc798b1 Remove unused svg module 1 year ago
  Ishak BELAHMAR bbff179a4d Add png export feature 1 year ago
  Piotr Drąg 538480f022 Add Polish translation 1 year ago
  Peter Hutterer d4dcccf36d tuhi 0.3 1 year ago
  Peter Hutterer a6a33ce6b4 live: add flatpak compatibility mode argument 1 year ago
  Peter Hutterer 2cc9fc778f live: pass our arguments through to the tuhi server 1 year ago
  Peter Hutterer cb72111910 gui: make the app menu translatable 1 year ago
  Piotr Drąg f01651bf5e po: update POTFILES 1 year ago
  Peter Hutterer b1b0be84ea tuhi: add a flatpak compatibility mode 1 year ago
  Peter Hutterer 13830e02c5 Add the python 3.6 check to all entry points 1 year ago
  Peter Hutterer 0e12369866 wacom: set the x/y min/max to the correct device units 1 year ago
  Peter Hutterer 74ffe763b6 ble: downgrade three more debug messages 1 year ago
  Peter Hutterer 1c893d14e8 wacom: make a debug message more informative 1 year ago