Fork of midizap that works with djcontrol instinct
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#include <jack/jack.h>
#include <jack/ringbuffer.h>
#include <regex.h>
typedef struct _jseq
char *client_name;
jack_ringbuffer_t **ringbuffer_out;
jack_ringbuffer_t **ringbuffer_in;
jack_client_t *jack_client;
jack_port_t **output_port;
jack_port_t **input_port;
uint8_t n_in, n_out, passthrough[2];
char *in[2], *out[2];
regex_t inre[2], outre[2];
extern int jack_quit;
// This is supposed to be set properly by main().
extern char *jack_command_line;
int init_jack(JACK_SEQ* seq, uint8_t verbose);
void process_connections(JACK_SEQ* seq);
void close_jack(JACK_SEQ* seq);
void queue_midi(void* seqq, uint8_t msg[], uint8_t port_no);
int pop_midi(void* seqq, uint8_t msg[], uint8_t *port_no);