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Release notes for Weave.jl

v0.10.6 2020/10/03


  • cleaned up chunk rendering (removed unnecessary extra newlines): #401
  • WEAVE_ARGS now can take arbitrary objects: c24a262135
  • improved docs: #397 by @baggepinnen

bug fixes

v0.10 2020/05/18


  • weave is now integrated with Juno's progress bar; just call weave function inside Juno or use julia-client: weave-to-html(pdf) command (#331)
  • document metadata in YAML header can be given dynamically (#329)
  • headers are now striped more gracefully; only Weave.jl related header is stripped when weaving to github or hugo document (#329, #305)
  • WeavePlots/GadflyPlots won't be loaded into Main module (#322)
  • unconst bindings in a sandbox module are correctly cleared, helping GC free as much memory usage as possible (#317)
  • keep latex figures even if weaving failed (#302)
  • bunch of documentation improvements (#297, #295)
  • code size in HTML header is now not hardcoded, leading to more readable font size (#281)

bug fixes:

  • display of "big" object is fixed and limited (#311)
  • fix dependencies issues


breaking change:

  • options YAML key is deprecated, use weave_options key instead (#334)
  • set_chunk_defaults is now renamed to set_chunk_defaults! (#323)
  • restore_chunk_defaults is now renamed to restore_chunk_defaults! (#323)


  • Disable precompilation due to warnings from dependencies
  • Fix deprecation warnings for Julia 0.6
  • Fix PyPlot for Julia 0.6
  • Support citations in pandoc2html and pandoc2pdf output
  • Fix extra whitespace when term=true
  • Fix mime type priority for md2html


  • Support passing arguments to document using args option
  • Add include_weave for including code from Weave documents
  • Add support for inline code chunks
  • Remove generated figure files when publishing to html and pdf


  • Add support for YAML title block
  • Use Julia markdown for publishing to pdf and html
  • Add template, highlight_theme, latex_cmd and css option to weave for customizing html and pdf output
  • Bug fixes
    • Fix plotting on Windows
    • Fix extra whitespace from code chunk output
  • Improved GR and GLVisualize support with Plots


  • Add IJulia notebook as input format
  • Add convert_doc method to convert between input formats


  • Fix critical hanging on Windows using proper handling of redirect_stdout
  • Add support for Plots.jl plotly and plotlyjs backends for including javascipt output in published HTML documents.
  • Fix semicolons for term=true


  • Move to Julia 0.5 only
  • New display and prompt chunk options by @gragusa
  • Implemented fig_width and fig_height chunk option for Plots.jl
  • Added pre and post chunk hooks, only used internally for now
  • Automatic detection of plotting library, :auto is the new default options
  • Support for displaying general multimedia objects e.g. Plots.jl and Images.jl now work with weave.
  • Support for including html, latex and markdown output from objects
  • New logic for displaying output in script chunks, output is shown by default for:
    • Writing to stdout
    • Calling display
    • Gadfly plots
    • Variables on their own
    • If the last line of a chunk is a function call that returns output e.g. plot(1:10)
  • Bug fixes
    • Fix parsing of lone variables from chunks
    • Fix error with md2html formatter and dates #38


27th April 2016

  • Fix a bug with out_path for md2html and md2pdf
  • Fix md2html and md2pdf on Windows
  • Improve doctype autodetection
  • Improved regex for parsing markdown input format


  • Change pandoc output to use inline images if there is no caption.
  • Use Documenter.jl for documentation.
  • Add chunk option hold, replaces results = "hold". This way you can use e.g. hold = true, results=raw.
  • Methods for setting and restoring default chunk options for documents.
  • New output options md2pdf and md2html, both use pandoc to output pdf and html files directly with own templates.
  • Restored and improved Winston support.
  • New input format: scripts with markup in comments
  • New output format: MultiMarkdown
  • Added support for figure width in Pandoc
  • Autodetect input and output formats based on filename
  • Allow out_path be a file or directory.


19th April 2016

  • Updated for Julia 0.4x, drop 0.3x support
  • Each document is executed in separate sandbox module instead of redefining the same one. Fixes warnings and occasional segfaults.
  • Change the output of chunks:
    • Output will be added to the output directly where they are created (default).
    • Use results = "hold" to push all output after the chunk.
  • New chunk option: line_width.
  • Winston support is not implemented yet for this version.
  • Bug fix in wrapping output lines.
  • Internal changes
    • Chunks are now represented with their own type. Allows multiple dispatch and easier implementation of new chunks.


4th January 2015

  • Added AsciiDoc formatter
  • Default plotting library changed to Gadfly
  • New option: out_path for controlling where weaved documents and figures are saved
  • Command line script bin/weave.jl for calling weave from command line


9th December 2014

  • Sandbox module for running code is cleared between documents
  • Fixed Latex figure handling (with contributions from @wildart)
  • Changed "tex" format: separate environment for term chunks
  • Improved test coverage
  • Fixed a bug with eval=false chunk option.


7th December 2014

First release:

  • Noweb and markdown input formats
  • Support for Gadfly, Winston and PyPlot figures
  • Term and script chunks
  • Support for markdown, tex and rst output